by Jacques, a robin

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7 anatomies of melancholy characters and stories


released May 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Jacques, a robin Bristol, UK

Jacques, a robin is an alter ego of Italian songwriter Davide Ariasso. Jacques appeared in Davide's life with an urgency to sing songs of melancholy and hope, all guided by an underlining transcendence and ecstasy.

Active as live performer in Bristol since 2007, Jacques has released his debut album 'Statuettes' in 2011, with 16 guest musicians, and is working at an EP about hearts and children
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Track Name: The Marble Boy
And the marble boy
was brought in with the tide
His naked body on the shore
like an embryo curled on his side

I had waited oh so long
For an answer from the sea
I had nearly lost my hope
That Mother Nature loved me.

As I walked down to the beach
And I found him there, asleep
My heart, a collector of beautiful shells
Turned into a glass case for him

I took him home into my arms
And layed his heavenly body inside
A bed of wood and white

It was as dark as the bottom of the ocean
Just the sheets on him glowed in the dark,
I lit candles and adored him all night

When the big wave came
I got washed out to the sea
Maybe one day still
The marble boy will dream of me.
Track Name: Butterfly On The Wall
Butterfly On The Wall

She plays the sweetest part, she plays the butterfly on the wall
And when the dance begins and all the flowers twist their stalks
she's still like a wallpaper pattern but in her heart wings
have started the winds all around to let the air begin.

we watched the ocean from the shores of Portugal and we
breathed into our balloons and let them fly over the sea,
they saw them over Brazil, Nazca, and back over Spain
they found us in the streets of Lisbon, then we breathed again.

here i am here i am
it's me here, it's me here
birds eat birds in the sky,
how can I send my love in a lullaby?

The show is done and Franny looks in silence at the stage
she takes in her hand Zooey's hand then with her usual grace says:
"If butterflies of the Old World may cause storms in Brazil
why can't we think a change in our hearts may change history?"

here i am here i am
it's me here, it's me here
birds eat birds in the sky,
how can I send my love in a lullaby?
Track Name: Her Belly Scar (Edit)
Holding back the stars
She left in my eyes
as the images unwound
on past life's surprises
I was watching on the telly
the growth of her belly
with me in it

Frames fell in cascades
her belly fell down
there's a baby in my shade
he climbs on his star in black gown
in the garden full of roses
they're striking the poses of gods.

Holding, holding,
all this time I've been
holding, leaving
all the memories behind.

as I walk out through the door
into the garden, now
I wear her black gown

It's here, lonely through the roses
I was born through her belly scar.
Track Name: Josephine And The Lantern
(© 2009 Davide Ariasso)

Come on Josephine, Josephine you know
It’s much nicer to be weak than to be strong.
Like a statue, you lie by my side
I watch over you, there’s nothing you can hide.

As the moon carves you out of the darkness
I stretch over you to reach the lantern
With its quivering light burning softly,
Soon it falls into a beautiful sleep.

Like her, the light is thrown into infinity
Josephine’s will eclipsed by the clouds of sleep
Laid aside like a dress upon a chair
She disappears and I look into a dark well.

Where’s the flame that burns when you’re awake,
When it’s hard to play with you for such high stakes
When I wear my servant’s cap with ease
Content to catch the crumbs dropped from your lips

When at dawn the boats enter the bay
From our window their lanterns call the day
With the light I’ll give my freedom away
This enchantment I’ve got no will to break.
Track Name: The Witch's Son
The Witch's Son

I'm walking on a thin line, mother
and I'm not coming home
I'm running in the fields now, mother
and I'm not coming home
I'm going down to town tomorrow
they'll listen to my song in sorrow
and from tears their son won't rise
but they'll find you home

I am the witch's son
And here i have come
to shed my dark light
on your sleepless night

I am the witch's son
you had a son too
he didn't get lost in the woods
in the old well, he didn't fall

the wolves didn't find him
the lightning didn't strike him
he wasn't poisoned by the viper's fangs
but I saw him coming home

I'm walking on a thin line, mother
I'm standing in the fields now,
Tonight I'm so alone
I'm coming home.
Track Name: Cathedrals In The Sun
Cathedrals in the sun
© 2006 Davide Ariasso. All Rights Reserved

When the planes blacked out the sun
and the submarines emerged from the darkened waterside
everyone ran to the hills to see for the last time
what our world looked like when it was dying

And our house was the last to fall
we'd seen all the other families walking past our street
with their flocks of children, murdered pasts and bruised feet,
dust of unknown streets settled on their faces.

One morning I saw you there.
And I called you from my window behind the oak,
you were walking steady and older, did you hear your name?
My father stopped me, my brother cried
but we all had to do the same.

By the time we left our ruins
the day was glowing and the light bathed the oak leaves
like in the morning you held my hand to guide me through your dreams.
"Let's run to the church and pretend it's a starship".

Cathedrals in the sun,
will future days be like ponds reflecting
cathedrals in the rain.
Track Name: My Spectral Summer
© 2007 Davide Ariasso. All rights reserved.

Suddenly that summer the heat was unbearable
The countryside fell silent and still
From my bed I was watching through the window
The streams running dry and the fires on the hills

Then I remembered the words of my brother
A few weeks before he died he said:
“My twin, my beloved companion,
It’s time you learn how to live by yourself”

And like a ghost i covered myself with sheets
They’d wanted me to get up, I couldn’t walk on empty
I kept waiting through winter and spring
A sign that you were still there with me

Oh Brother, us little boys reflect unto each others
Oh Brother, I’m left here with a mirror to shatter

As his words came back to my mind
With a strength I didn’t think words could ever find
I was drawn out of bed to the fields,
now the spectral summer was pulsating for me

And Nature’s murmurs and echoes like friends
Drove me through the trees to the forest end
Where I could see my reflection in a lake
‘n holding him in my heart I started praying for rain.

Oh Brother, us little boys reflect unto each others
Oh Brother, I’m left here with prayers for you.